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Tohoku Car Festival in Sendai April 16 ~ 17, 2016

To all Mazda fans, it’s the end of March and I am looking forward to spring in Tohoku Japan to start the racing season. By the way there is a very big event in Japan, Sendai, Ken Auto will be participating in the Tohoku Car Festival in Sendai.
The last time that the event was held was 2010, Ken Auto did not participate in the past event. This time around Ken Auto will participate in the Tohoku Car Festival, this year also make the five years that we had the earthquake disaster, so at the event we will pay our respect to those who lost their lives and those that were affected by the great disaster. The world famous Liberty Walk custom made Car Company form Nagoya, Japan will be volunteering with Ken Auto Japan.
Ken Auto and Liberty Walk will be showcasing their custom made racing cars, at this year Tohoku Car Festival. Liberty Walk will take their Lamborghini Aventador and GT-R force Ken Auto will take the NA6 blue. Here is the classical at its simplest and yet so beautiful, I would like to express coolness of the Roadster that will be on display. Not only Ken Auto and Liberty Walk cars will be on display, but there will be Manufacture cars from Japan, there will be cars from all over the world. Please come and have a good time with your friends and family at the Tohoku Car Festival in Sendai.

Hi, to all the members of Mazda club USA, my name is Kenichi Obara from Japan. I am a new member to your club thank for accepting me, I am the owner of the Ken auto Mazda Miata high performance parts company.  I specialize in high performance parts for Mazda Miata. I am excited to be a part of the Mazda Miata club and looking forward to meeting other members, if there is any question you would like to ask about your Mazda Miata please feel free to ask. You can contact me at my Facebook or through my website.